Infographic: How Quick Does Santa Need To Be?

Did you know that the total distance that Santa has to travel this Christmas is 175 Million Miles? He has to visit at least 132 Million houses to deliver all the presents.

Inspired by an article by ABC, the folks at Parcel2Go decided to put together this great infographic to find out just how many tasty treats he’ll get through in the night, as well as the effect that this may have on his waistline by Christmas morning.

Brought to you by Parcel2Go.

Infographic: How Quick Does Santa Need To Be?

Brought to you by Parcel2Go


  1. Good thing Santa Claus is magical because otherwise he would never make it!

  2. Santa is the Chuck Norris of Holidays- he drinks, eats, and is faster than any other man alive!

  3. sheila musselman askins

    thats a lotta cookies!

  4. This is super cute. Man, santa must have to pee

  5. Jeannette Laframboise

    That was really cute, in keeping with the season. 😉 I’ll have to show this one to my son.

  6. Interesting article I hope Santa bring me some money! 🙂

  7. love the santa with the helmet and all the great colors. the statistics are overwhelming and really interesting.

  8. Cute infographic with some amazing statistics! Don’t share this one with the kids!

  9. cool research!!

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