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How Video Games Improve Your Health

Video games sometimes get a bad rap for negative affects on public health. But if you choose wisely, gaming can help people improve their health and disease outcomes in all stages of life.

For instance, video games have helped improve gait velocity, stride, and balance in patients living with Parkinson’s disease and help kids increase their fruit and vegetable consumption by 2-3 servings (with the right games)—contributing to a healthy diet and reducing childhood obesity.

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How Video Games Improve Your Health

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  1. Exactly how long did it require u to create “Infographic: How Video
    Games Improve Your Health”? It includes a lot of wonderful information.
    Thank you ,Dusty

  2. I have often heard that video games are not good for ones health and I do agree with most of the info you posted on this infographic…the only downfall of playing video games often is the increase in obesity. It also truly depends upon what games they play. The more active ones such as Wii or X-box Kinect do promote physical activity.

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