Infographic: Journey to the Tower of Inbound Strategies

Post Penguin, relevant links are what’s required these days. However the quest for quality links of the golden variety can often be fraught with anxiety and danger. Take Sir Linksworthy’s “Journey to the Tower of Inbound Strategies” for example. Before he can reach his destination and discover the scrolls of link location and attraction he needs to:

1) First find a worthy steed.
2) Battle Wedgeword the Giant of Meta Tag Stuffing.
3) Tackle Flintneck the Archer of Anchor Text repetition.
4) Overcome Hodgebelly the Ogre of Over Optimization.
5) Deal with Duplicito the Dragon of Duplicate Content.

Sir Linksworthy is not alone, many new webmasters have to tackle 1 or more of the above foes before embarking on a natural link building/content marketing campaign.

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