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Literacy in America (Infographic)

The hard truth is people have to be able to read and write, or they’re going to be at a severe disadvantage in life. And adults who live in the United States are no exception. In fact, 93 million American adults have limited reading and quantitative skills.

Adults need strong literacy skills in order to improve their standard of living. Literacy is tied to better health, employment and correlates to children’s literacy.

  • Literate individuals tend to keep themselves and their families healthier because they are capable of accessing important information and calculating medication.
  • Literacy is also linked to better communication, which is an important characteristic for all key employees.
  • Research reveals that the ability to read and write as adults is correlated to encouraging better reading and writing habits to children in order to help prepare them for school.

Strong literacy skills make all the difference and empower individuals to be productive members of society. Reading helps eradicate poverty and helps people reach their full potential.

Fighting illiteracy gives more people a fighting chance. Check out the following infographic for a bigger picture of illiteracy throughout the nation.

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Literacy in America (Infographic)

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