Losing Our Stripes – Decline in Every Aspect of Tiger Life

With wild tiger numbers as low as 3,200, direct, targeted poaching of tigers is the most immediate danger for the species today. However, a serious contributing factor to the plight of the tiger is the widespread decline of its forest larder – the deer, wild pigs and wild cattle such as the Gaur.

One tiger needs to eat the equivalent of a medium size deer every week to survive and without adequate food, the tiger population declines very fast. Too many forests of Asia are classed as ‘empty forests” – the trees are there but the animals are gone. Anti-poaching efforts therefore must be targeted at protecting both the tiger and its prey.

Brought to you by WWF.

Infographic: Losing Our Stripes - Decline in Every Aspect of Tiger Life

Brought to you by WWF


  1. I agree that this is a sad development.

  2. I think this is sad, but unfortunately with population increases this is going to continue to happen- forest get sawn down and people move in :/ Soon there will be more tigers in zoos than in the wild- and with the decline in the wild they have fewer choices for mates unless tigers are reintroduced.

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