Safety Tips for Motorcycle Riding

Motorcycle riding in the summer time can be exciting. However, there are dangers and these tips will help you avoid motorcycle accidents and keep the experience of motorcycle riding a safe one.

Love Your Gear: You’ll turn heads in that smokin’ hot gear. Just make sure your helmet and visor are DOT approved. A mesh jacket’s like armor and worth every penny. You can be cool and stay cool with the right gear. Take a Few to Check Your Bike: Sure, you’re in a hurry, but check the gas tank, lights, horn, brake lines and the chassis. You’ll have a much smoother ride if you do. It beats worrying about what might happen after you’ve taken off.

Give ‘Em Some Space: Cars out number you. Give them plenty of room to see you. Follow at a safe distance so you can stop safely. Following at a car length should do the trick.

The Highway’s Not a Boxing Ring: There’s no need to take on an 18-wheeler, so don’t even get close to one. They have huge blind spots and could accidentally knock you off your chariot–not to mention the wind tunnel some of those big bruisers can create. Motorcycles and 18-wheelers are like oil and water.

When It’s a Motorcycle Built for Two: If you’re not used to carrying a passenger, give it a little test drive before you hit the road. Also, tell your precious cargo to hold on to your waist, keep their feet on the pegs and to stay still while you’re in motion. Don’t Imbibe and Drive: You know the rules. If you drink when you’re packing your cycle, get other transportation. An inebriated person on a motorcycle is a slam dunk. Besides, it’s against the law.

When You Ride, You Ride Alone: You’re street wise. People on the road are in their own little world. Don’t expect them to see you or obey traffic laws. Ride defensively. Ride smart.

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Infographic: Safety Tips for Motorcycle Riding

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