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Obama vs Romney – Social Media Showdown

The 2012 Presidential Campaign is heating up with the election just 3 months away. The campaigning is reaching new heights with candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney reaching out to voters using various social media platforms. With the online landscape changing rapidly, politicians have new weapons for battling it out on the web. Nowadays it’s not uncommon to see up and coming politicians on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.

So when it comes to social media who has the upper hand: Obama or Romney? We’ve done the research and the results are in, get ready for the social media deathmatch! Campaign Managers take note!

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Obama vs Romney - Social Media Showdown

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  1. Well that’s the problem….they are spending to much time worrying about their numbers/likes/posts on social media.

  2. Ha! I had no idea they were all over social media! i’m gonna have to check out their Pinterest pages. I can’t imagine what they have on there.

  3. So that’s why Obama didn’t do anything he promised he would in 2008. He was on social media all day instead of fulfilling his promises of hope and change. It all makes sense now!

    1. You must be a well rested seeing as you slept though the end of a war and the passage of unprecedented health care reform. You can stop wondering where bin Laden is as well.

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