Infographic: Social Stereotypes – You Are What You Share

Who would have thought social media will have such a great impact in our daily lives? Every day, millions of people all over the world check their social media pages for the latest buzz about everything and anything that interests them. This heightened popularity of social networking makes it one of the most influential “forces” in today’s society. This Social Stereotypes infographics gives ample information about certain facts and figures related to networking sites that are presently considered major players in this “phenomenon” now known as the social media. The creator of this infographic brilliantly presented each social media website the way students are presented in their yearbooks – with titles and “tags” (how apt) that best describe them. Evidently the topnotch player is designated as “The Quarterback”, what with monthly active users reaching over a billion. Of course, not everyone would agree that the quarterback gets all the laurels, and in that respect it can be said that other social media sites featured in this infographic has its own share of audience in the world wide web.

With this infographic, we get better understanding of specializations of sorts of each social media website: how much you can possibly earn from your YouTube videos, how extensive MySpace’s music catalog is, how you can keep track of popular tags on Instagram, or the income stats of LinkedIn users.

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Infographic: Social Stereotypes - You Are What You Share

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  1. interesting!! very cool stats

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