Infographic: T-Shirt Culture Index

As a custom t-shirt company we come across lots of different t-shirt wearing characters. We thought it might be fun to catalog all the t-shirt stereotypes we could, you know, the guy who’s always wearing humorous but slightly offensive tees, or the women who only wears shirts she got free at events and fund raisers? As we started putting together our characters the list grew and grew and got a little out of control. But I think we came up with a very thorough and absurd T-Shirt Culture Index, which the world lacked until now. So I’m proud to bring you the T-Shirt Culture Index, the standard in t-shirt consumer stereotyping.

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Brought to you by


  1. According to trends most of the generation like college students prefer T shirts, infact most of the office guys used t shirt during week days. Well still trends not change for regular custom suits for office guys.

  2. thanks so much for the encouraging words! I’m so happy to see people enjoying my work.

  3. Wow! This is pure genius!! And I do fit into at least 3 categories!!

  4. sheila musselman askins

    love this! scary that i fit into a few categories though lmao

  5. Jeannette Laframboise

    Loved this one! I don’t think I have one creative bone in my body but I sure do love looking at other peoples creativeness.

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