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Teens, Social Media and Privacy (Infographic)

Social media and privacy: What parents should know. Let’s face it, your kids are using social media. Whether it’s for educational purposes or just for fun, their personal information may be accessible by just about anyone, anytime.

This ( infographic shows that the latest statistics have yielded shocking results about our nation’s teens (and even adults) and their online activities.

What you will find in this infographic:

  • Percentage of teens who post videos of themselves on social media.
  • Percentage of teens with Twitter who make their profile private.
  • Percentage of teens who post their cell phone number online.
  • Percentage of adults who are worried that the government monitors their internet use.
  • Percentage of adults who have had their privacy violated online.
  • Percentage of teens who limit what their parents can see online.
  • and more about social media and privacy!
Infographic: Teens, Social Media and Privacy

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  1. I think that social Media is a useful tool if used correctly and in moderation. It is also possesses an entertainment factor and is cool to have.

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