Do Your Teeth Define Your Personality

Do Your Teeth Define Your Personality? One of the first things we notice when we meet someone new is his or her teeth. Are they white enough, straight or crooked, false? People even have a tendency to judge someone by the look of his or her teeth.

So what does you smile say about you? What do your teeth say about your personality? Millions of dollars are spent each year by people on dental care. Adults spend money to keep their teeth looking good or to make their teeth look even better.

Millions of dollars are also spent on the dental care of children. These statistics suggest that teeth are of high importance, but what do teeth and personality have to do with each other? How you take care of your teeth is not the only indicator of personality.

Shape of teeth and personality

Shape can tell things such as gender and age. Teeth shapes are classified as oval, triangular, rectangular or square and can indicate traits such as extroversion or explosive depending on their shape. Shape can also indicate such personality traits as passive or aggressive and feminine or masculine.

Oral habits can also suggest personality traits. How much money people spend of the care of their teeth as well as habits can suggest personality traits. Grinding teeth can indicate such things as aggression or frustration.

The following graphic lists information on how teeth shapes personality. What do your teeth say about your personality?

Via: Carrington College

Do Your Teeth Define Your Personality

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  1. Who knew?!!! My son grinds his teeth and definitely has all those traits listed. I love this. Every visit to this blog is so educational. Great job!


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