Infographic: The 10 Things You Love (And Hate) About HR

Human Resources – The department that keeps people and processes running gets its share of chatter, but opinions and emotions are mixed.

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Infographic: The 10 Things You Love (And Hate) About HR

Brought to you by SAP via

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  1. HR is critical in shaping the company with the right talent. Administration of benefits and keeping existing employees informed of the benefits is also critical. The one thing i hate about HR is the TALEO site that many companies have implemented. Keep your career portal simple yet effective by making the process of application easy and also a way for the applicant to track the progress position on hold, position hired, list 3 reasons why an applicant was not chosen rather than a generic email template. I can go on …would love to see someone come up with an infographic that says what an effective HR org must do consistently.

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