Infographic: The 5 Biggest Internet Entrepreneurs of 2012

Every great product, website and app starts as just an idea. It’s where you take that idea that will set you apart from the rest. For these entrepreneurs, their hard work, dedication, and determination to succeed has made them the 5 biggest internet entrepreneurs of 2012. Ben Silbermann & Paul Sciarra rank at the top of the list, with the creation of well know social media site Pinterest. Silbermann personally wrote to the first five thousand users with his phone number for any questions. Two months after its launch, Pinterest had some two hundred users. By month nine, they had reached ten thousand. Determined to keep their original ideas, Sciarra and Silbermann turned away many investors and engineers seeking to change things up. With a venture funding total of $138 million dollars, it’s safe to say Pinterest has succeeded.

To see who made the rest of the list, check out this infographic presented by BestFinanceSchools.




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