The History of Interior Design

The History of Interior Design Everyone wants their homes to look nice. From the cavemen to the Egyptians and the Baroque to Regency, people across the ages have witnessed a remarkable transformation of daily life and domestic decoration. Indulging in lavish décor and rich colors, interior design has seen a fine array of styles as homeowners look to transform the look in their homes.

Whether it be painted or mosaic walls, rich, ornate furniture or bright, bold prints, people through the ages have decorated their homes to improve home décor, and in that respect, not much has changed since cavemen painted their caves.

How have people styled their homes through the ages? What style have they chosen? What inspired them? How has that changed to modern-day home décor? Terrys Fabrics looks back in time and explores the history of interior design according to the trends at the time.

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The History of Interior Design

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