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Infographic: The History of Tobacco

The modern tobacco industry is one of the largest in the world with a high percentage of people enjoying smoking in one form or another. Seeing somebody dragging on a cigarette in the UK or a cigar in the South Americas is an almost daily occurrence, with specialised breaks devised just for those who want to continue their habit. However, not a great deal of concentration of credence is given to the history of tobacco and how we have come to a stage in society where mass produced tobacco is the norm. With a recorded history of more than 2.5 million years dating back to the Pleistocene era; tobacco has come a long way to enjoy its current incarnation. The history of fossilised tobacco is in fact long than that of humans, if anything, we are the relatively new development. Tobacco Specialists have produced and informative graphic that depicts all of the important chapters in the history of tobacco from these early recordings right through to the modern day. This timeline includes all of the different cultures and civilisations that have enjoyed tobacco in one medium or another. Many of the world’s most famous ancient civilisations such as the Mayans and the Aztecs were strongly influenced by the advent of tobacco.