Infographic: The True Facts About Ketamine

Ketamine was originally used as an anesthetic for patients undergoing particular procedures. When controlled, the drug has few effects apart from what it was intended for. However, ketamine was picked up by hippie culture and used for recreational purposes. Because it is relatively odorless and tasteless, it has become popular in nightclubs.


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  1. Hi there: I am an Emergency Physician who uses ketamine on a daily basis for pain management and sedation. I was hoping I could suggest a few corrections to your infographic. Ketamine is quite bitter tasting, “like a mouthful of hair spray”. This is a problem in cancer patients who sometimes take ketamine orally for pain management. This also makes it a poor choice as a date rape drug – according to the study done by Du Mont, et al, ketamine was used in only about 1% of DFSA, compared to alcohol at 30%.

    As far as it being a cause of death, ketamine is very safe on its own – it is almost impossible to die directly from overdose. The lethal dose for a human is somewhere around 200-400 mg/kg of an intravenous dosage – about 14 grams for an average person. Deaths are generally a result of the environment or trauma, or from mixing ketamine with other drugs.

    Lastly, kidney damage is not generally a concern. Bladder toxicity however is a definite problem, typically in those who use several grams per day for years at a time.

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