Infographic: UK Financial Services Hiring Intentions 2013

According to a survey carried by Randstad Financial & Professional at the beginning of 2013, 71% of employers think that this year will be a better year for recruitment than 2012.

The biggest problem faced by recruiters is headcount approvals with budget being the greatest challenge for 41.2% of respondents. Although, 57% of surveyed HR Heads and CFOs in the investment banking and insurance industries expect to increase headcount this year, only 35% of employers think that permanent recruitment will rise. The second most demanding challenge, according to 38% of respondents, will be finding the right candidate for the role. Other expected challenges for this year are: changing business needs, strong competition for candidates, unreasonable expectations from candidates and a lengthy recruitment process.External factors might affect financial services companies; 19.8% of companies believe that new regulation will have an impact on their business.


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