Infographic: Upper East Side Buildings Breakdown

The Upper East Side is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Manhattan. It is known for some of the most expensive apartments in New York. In 2012 Forbes named the 10065 zip code, which falls within the Upper East Side, the most expensive zip code in the country. This info graphic is a breakdown of the types of residential building ownership this neighborhood has, when the buildings were built, and the types of amenities they come with. As you can see most buildings are pre-war meaning they were built before 1940s. With the neighborhood in a rather developed state after World War II only approximately 1/3 of the buildings were built after 1940 (considered post-war). This had a huge effect on the type of ownership structure most of these buildings provided. The condo ownership structure is a relatively new way of owning an apartment. Because most of these buildings were built in an era when condos we’re not around the bulk of properties here are Coops.

With coops the purchaser buys shares in a company that owns the building in exchange for a proprietary lease. There is no deed exchanged in coops like there is with condos. Amenities are few and far in-between in most pre-war buildings. Doorman’s were around since the turn of the century and there are 756 doorman buildings, 6 buildings have basketball courts, 37 have building pools, 284 have private gyms, 236 have roof decks and only 20 have maid service provided by the building – the rarest of amenities.

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Infographic: Upper East Side Buildings Breakdown

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