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Infographic: Ways You Can Avoid Food Poisoning

It is known that 1 in 10 people suffer from food poisoning every year, the number is very scary but fortunately there are some precautions you can take to avoid it!

– Make sure the temperature of your fridge is set below 5 degrees Celsius
– Read the packaging of your food; see how it needs to be stored
– Keep your eggs in the storage box they came in, they’ll stay fresh for longer!
– Avoid putting opened cans in your fridge, de-pot them into storage containers
– Dispose any leftovers that are over 2 days old
– When cooking, only take out your food at the very last minute
– Keep juices, jams, drinks, sauces like ketchup – mayo (if you refrigerate them) on the door racks
– Anything that needs to stay very cold i.e. raw meat and poultry should be kept on the bottom shelf
– Cooked meat and other leftovers can be kept on the middle shelf in sealed containers
– The top shelf is perfect for pre-prepared foods; dairy products should be put there

If you want more tips on avoiding food poisoning, check out the infographic below to get more tips on how to organize your fridge. By putting in extra time to organize your fridge you’ll not only be making up more space but increasing the shelf life of your products.

Infographic provided by the specialist at Appliance City.

Infographic: Ways You Can Avoid Food Poisoning


  1. I would like to assume that a lot of the tips are either common sense or some warning or helpful home hints one grew up with. But 1 out of 10 of the population suffers from it? Golly. But maybe it’s better than 1 out of 10 once a month (not year). Phew!

  2. What a fantastic infographic! Thank you for this! I will surely put this one to use!

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