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What music to listen to on the job?

Listening to music while you work might be the best thing since casual Fridays. The proper tunage can help you get motivated, stay productive, and stimulate your creative juices. And it’s just what the doctor ordered when it comes to de-stressing so you can move on to the next task without blowing a gasket.

So what music should you listen to maintain your working groove?

Brought to you by Sonos.

Infographic: What music to listen to on the job?

Brought to you by Sonos


  1. I find it difficult to concentrate with what I’m doing when a song is being played; I tend to sing along! I’m okay with instrumentals but not punk or heavy metal. However, I focus better when there is absolute silence!

  2. This was loads of fun to go through! I tend to not listen to music when I need to focus though!

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