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Infographic: What to Expect During Pregnancy

There are many different things that go into your baby’s development while in the womb. In addition to the normal weight gain that comes with pregnancy, your body will experience various changes in order to support the health of both you and your baby. Most weight gain is due to the placenta, fluid and umbilical cord blood in your uterus, as well as fat gained around your breasts. Your baby depends on all of this in order to get the nutrition it needs during the development process. Your baby gets nutrients and food through the umbilical cord. When you eat, your baby gets its food before you do. As your baby continues to grow, its organs and features develop right up until delivery and even after. The last organ your baby develops is the lungs, while kneecaps do not come along until after birth. You can learn more interesting facts about pregnancy by taking a look at the following infographic.

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Infographic: What to Expect During Pregnancy

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