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What Your Clothes Colour Says About Your Personality

We’ve all been there – standing in the mirror before we leave for work, or after we’ve had a big night out, mumbling about the outfit we just literally threw on. Most of us don’t really think about what our clothes say about us, but this infographic gives you the basics. It explains what colours say about your personality and what you might wear depending on where you are in life.

The world of colour-based marketing is a growing industry. By understanding how to use colour, consumers can start to understand their personal character and emotions. For example, shirt colour is often used to determine advertising and branding campaigns, so what does it say about you?

This infographic will tell you what kind of personality you have based on the colours of your clothes.

What Your Clothes Colour Says About Your Personality

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  1. The differences between colors of ties, Yah great one. Most of the peoples don’t have an idea about that and which one match according to its personality.

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