Infographic: Which Countries Have The Most Optimistic Entrepreneurs

2012 has been hard on business, but an infographic by Hiscox reveals that many businesses still remain upbeat. The infographic by Hiscox shows that as many as 48% of SMEs think that the next year is going to be good for their business.

Some businesses are not so confident, however, with the infographic showing that 27% have a more pessimistic outlook. Also of a positive nature is the fact that 75% are hopeful that they will be able to avoid making people redundant. Across all countries, nearly half of SMEs reported, in the last year, some profit growth, with the figure for Germany being as high as 58%. Nearly a third stated that they used the downturn as a positive in making them either more determined to succeed, or that it galvanised them to work harder. Though 31% worldwide admitted that worrying about problems had caused them sleepless nights.

The figures, from Hiscox business insurance, for individual countries are enlightening. Over 50% were optimistic about the next year in the Netherlands, Germany and the US. Britain was just under 50%, and only 35% were optimistic in France, and a mere 28% in Spain. Nearly half reported increased stress in those two countries. Written by: Sean Clark is a financial blogger who explores the financial side of common business issues and how they’re handled by entrepreneurial start-ups and established SMEs.

Brought to you by Hiscox.

Brought to you by Hiscox

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