Infographic: Why Black Friday is Overrated and Cyber Monday Rules

It’s Cyber Monday and although Black Friday is the most famous day in American shopping history, the folks at National Positions think it is a bit overrated. The Internet revolution is changing our holiday shopping behavior. Cyber Monday is going to surpass Black Friday as the busiest and most expensive day in the shopping year.

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  1. I try to get my shopping done before Black Friday and Cyber Monday….

  2. i did most my shopping on cyber monday

  3. Christian Ampoloquio

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday are fascinating event every year. People lining up just to take first on the line of sale items. People really spend and release their money just to buy the leisure things. Even though there’s nothing to eat any more or in a recession just to be in with others, people spend spend spend.

  4. love the pics and colors on the infographic. it is very informative and interesting.

  5. Jeannette Laframboise

    I really enjoyed reading this one! I must say that I haven’t yet ‘bought into” (pardon the pun) to the Black Friday or Cyber Monday excitement. I do however prefer shopping online over going to a store any day. Last Christmas I did at least 75% of my shopping online and it was great. No lines, no craziness, just me and a coffee at my computer. 😉

  6. That’s impressive and I believe it! I don’t like shopping on Black Friday. There is too much traffic, long lines
    and obnoxious shoppers! It’s not fun anymore!

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