Infographic: Why Cats are Better than Men

Tired of the men in your life? Why not check out the many benefits of having your own cat around the house? Sometimes men can just be impossible to deal with, but cats are always there for you with a gentle purr and a soft coat of fur to pet. If you have a cat, you might particularly enjoy the idea of not having to constantly put the toilet seat down, or constantly deal with someone stealing your covers at night. Check out the infographic for many other reasons why you should jump on board the train of cats, but be aware that you could end up as a crazy cat lady!!


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  1. I’m already a crazy cat lady….

  2. What a humerous take on why some women think cats are better than men! Looks like our feline buddies are becoming an increasingly popular alternative for women! Move over, men!

  3. Cats are so much better listeners than alot of men I know and the cat always understands and makes me feel better 🙂

  4. Alyssia Alexandria

    Loved the info graphic why cats are better then man will share on the GoAsktheWife Facebook page – adorable!

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