Interested in a Historical Watch piece? Things to Consider

First-time watch buyers looking to buy a watch that has a unique history behind it should consider a few things before making a final purchase. They should consider the brand, its heritage, the watch movement, functionality, and its style. This will help watch buyers make a more fashionable purchase that suits their style and passion for historical watch pieces. 

While newer brands might seem appealing and trendy, they have no history or reputation for making watches throughout the decades. Looking into brands that are at least 50 years old will have some historical background. For example; the company Bulova started in 1875 and has been in business throughout the decades and major worldwide events (WW1 & WW2). 

Another consideration for watch buyers is the watch’s movement. Many watches have their unique movement whether it is analog, digital, chronographic, hybrid, or first-generation technology movement. Each movement will have its unique qualities that were attractive in the generation it was made. Some movements will have more attraction depending on their accuracy, artwork, and functionality. 

As for functionality, older watches such as Rolex, Hamilton, Panari, and Bulova all played a functional role when they first came out. Many high-end watches were used for war times, physical activities like deep diving, and flying into outer space. Bulova made a spectacular watch piece that handled extremely high temperatures and intense G’s when astronauts flew into outer space. Because of their ability to keep the most accurate timing, many astronauts such as Joe Walker, Gordon Cooper, and Norman Thagard used them for their space missions. 

Thus, all of these factors form the watch’s style. A traditional Panari piece (divers watch) still has a bridge over the crown to protect high pressured water from getting in the watch (even though not needed anymore). Many Bulova watches have a more curved dome with a face that has a futuristic space machine look. Bulova’s watch design inspires people about the watch’s legacy of being the first electric watch and enduring high-impact space missions. 

Overall, watch buyers looking for an authentic and historic watch piece should familiarize themselves with the terminology and the various watch types that are derived from historic times in the watch world. In doing so, watch buyers will have a better understanding of which historic watch will best suit their fashion statement and lifestyle.

A Gift That Inspired History

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