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History of Horses

Today, the horse is one of our most familiar and dearly loved animals; but it was not always so. Horses almost became extinct. This infographic explains how riding changed the way we made war and also saved the horse from extinction.

Brought to you by www.equestrianclearance.com.

Brought to you by www.equestrianclearance.com

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  1. I didn’t know that horse racing dates back to the Greek Olympics.

  2. I liked this one alot- although I have to agree with the above poster in that horses and the West (or the Americas) arent represented very well. The US wouldnt be settled or farmed had it not been for horses !

  3. Nice job with this infographic! I had no idea about zorses or hinnys.

    I am so glad horses have evolved to the beautiful creatures they are today. The only thing it seems you are missing here, though, is all the Western riding done today. I know that’s big in the US – and guessing Australia too?

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