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Infographic: Cyber Monday & Black Friday’s Hacks & Scams

This infographic shows how important Security Software is, during Black Friday and Cyber Monday madness sale. It also shows how to avoid getting scammed from customer’s purchases online especially during Cyber Monday. It informs merchants and consumers how spammers use attractive deals to get into consumer’s interest and create fake sites that offers a lot lower costs on merchandise. This spreads the awareness of how you can get scammed during thanksgiving and early Christmas shopping.

There are illustrations provided on how hackers bring a consumer to a point of sale and encode personal information and credit card details. To be able to avoid all of these, the infographic sends advice to online merchants on how to secure their system by software updates and by upgrading, by scanning web applications as there are available tools that can report vulnerabilities. Merchants were also advised to use Google checkout or Paypal for a secured payment. Consumers also have to be vigilant on malicious deals before they purchase. Purchase only from known websites and use a personal computer when making online transactions. Updated Virus scanner and Firewall installation are very important a well as the use of Google SSL instead of classic Google.

Brought to you by couponaudit.com.

Infographic: Cyber Monday & Black Friday’s Hacks & Scams

Brought to you by couponaudit.com

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