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Cyberbullying – How Bullies Have Moved From the Playground to the Web

Over the past decade, the world of learning and education has become steadily more immersed in the technology available to our modern society. From elementary school students using laptops in class, to collegiate learning taking place online, students are plugging in, signing on, and becoming ever more engaged in the digital and cyber world. While the tight-knit relationship between education and technology has afforded some incredible learning opportunities, like in the burgeoning world of online college educations, as technology penetrates younger and younger demographics, certain social problems become apparent: Namely, cyberbullying.

The frequency with which kids and teens are being bullied online has risen at an alarming rate. Kids are gaining access to cell phones, social media, and general communication platforms at ever earlier ages, and when this access is used to harm rather than help, the consequences can be dire. As today’s generation is spending more time learning and interacting online, it’s especially important to tackle these social issues before they progress further and carry into college and adult life.

The following infographic examines the extreme prevalence of cyberbullying at many ages, as well as the frightening way it may impact adolescents if people don’t begin to speak out against it.

Brought to you by onlinecollege.org.

Infographic: Cyberbullying - How Bullies Have Moved From the Playground to the Web

Brought to you by onlinecollege.org


  1. Such a terrible thing. We all experience bullying but I think in the time we are living, it is even a greater and prolific problem.

  2. I think it is important that parents check their children’s social networks, text messages and anything else they have access to. My children gave me their passwords for everything. They knew that from time to time I would be checking their sites and email. I also had parent controls on their phones so that I could see all texts sent and received. I am not naive, I am sure that they has sites and/or emails that I was not aware of, but I did what I could and they knew that I had only their best interest at heart.

  3. Nicely done….and timely! Great infographic.

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