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Infographic: Just How Smart Is Smart?

Judging how smart a person is can be a very subjective matter. Does their IQ score make them the smartest? Or is it more about accomplishments? The debate over this likely will never cease. Let’s take a look at 10 people (in no particular order) that nobody would deny are unworthy of being called some of the smartest people alive today.

Brought to you by superscholar.org.

Infographic: Just How Smart Is Smart?

Brought to you by superscholar.org


  1. I cant believe only one woman is shown considering 50% of the population is female-perhaps not tested for high IQs as much?

  2. at first look I thought this was ‘ yeah, whatever ‘ then I found myself reading every little detail about these people. It was really interesting. Oh and who knew …James Woods. Not 100% surprised thought

  3. Jeannette Laframboise

    I really enjoyed reading this one. Very interesting & well done. I will pass this on for sure.

  4. The highest IQ above is 230….now, I am curious, what is the highest IQ ever scored?

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