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Infographic: Things You Didn’t Know About Ebay

We all love Ebay! The bid wars, bargains, and the unique finds. It is also a great place where a lot and we mean it a lot of weird stuff is on sale! In this infographic we’ve included only the most ‘unique’ items that are on sale on Ebay. The most expensive item that was sold on Ebay is a Gulfstream Jet which went to the highest bidder who bought it for $4.9 million. You don’t expect Ebay to be the place of serious purchases as such, but it is! The Iron Lady lovers can snap up Lady Thatcher’s classic black handbag for a £103K price tag. Joe DiMaggio lovers can buy his passport for $4.8K. It is a memorabilia so don’t expect to pass passport control with it! Another unique find on Ebay is a wedding dress that is modelled by the bride’s ex-husband. We’re not sure whether the model would put you off the dress or not but it can be yours for £2,125!

Always wanted to own your own town but weren’t sure where to look for? The town called ‘Albert’ is on sale on Ebay. It is in Texas if you’re wondering and it could be yours for only $3.5 million! Check out the infographic below to see the full list of Ebay’s unique finds!

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Infographic: Things You Didn't Know About Ebay

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  1. I love all of the odd sells! The cornflake made me laugh!

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