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Netspeak Survey: Parents Clueless on Net Lingo

Results of a new survey by Knowthenet have revealed a large digital knowledge gap between parents and children. It also found that quite a large proportion of teens admitted to online wrongdoings such as downloading illegal content and posting content on a friends’ social network profiles without their permission (commonly known as fraping.) Do you know your ASL from your YOLO?

Some of the most common Netspeak terms that parents do not recognise are:

– POS (“parents over shoulder”)
– Trolling
– ASL (“Age, Sex, Location”)
– LMIRL (“Let’s meet in real life”)

Knowthenet is encouraging parents to familiarise themselves with the online language their children are using, have a greater understanding of what their children are doing online and to talk to their kids about appropriate online behaviour and communication.

Further advice and resources for keeping your children safe, legal and informed when online can be found on the Knowthenet website at www.knowthenet.org.uk

Netpeak infographic produced by Knowthenet.

Netspeak Survey: Parents Clueless on Net Lingo

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