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Internet Speeds and Costs Around the World

This infographic created by Cira.ca shows the internet costs and speeds around the world in the OECD Broadband Portal Rankings.

Source: Cira.ca


  1. you forgot, el salvador, central america, we pay $68 USD per month for 4mbps my god!

  2. In iran if you approved to get above 128KB/s speed (study / business usage) you can buy 8MB/s broadband at most(recently provided) if you will to pay 14$ for limited download traffic of 3GB for a month.
    (can buy extra traffic as well but it’s not worth it)

  3. Talking about price heh?
    In Vietnam, we pay nearly 40$ to use for 35Mbs (upload and download) (Fiber connection)
    I don’t know what if the above connection is good since I use another one (I don’t know what kind since my old man wouldn’t told me) but we paid 20$ a month but I call tell you, the money isn’t worth it.
    The average salary is about 200$ a month, the price of everything is rising those recent year: gas,food, petrol, electricity,… Especially petrol and electricity, they say that we, the people, have to “minimize” the loss of the company because “the price is lower the than world price” and “the bad business” (even though the company’s at fault for doing the bad business, and they’re kinda the national company, and the only company (don’t ask me why there aren’t any private companies doing the business, if they CAN open those kind of company, then the problem will be solved a long time ago)
    I swear that my connection and my friend’s connection is VERY bad. Even though they say our connection is 11Mbs (I look at the connection status), for a host right here in Vietnam and I even use a VIP account, the speed will never go above 1Mbs, just 800kbs at max maybe it could reach 1Mbs after midnight since everybody went to sleep but some other time, the speed wouldn’t go above 200 kbs.
    And they say we have the “low cost for internet” but I can tell you, it’s maybe low to the world (I don’t read much newspaper those days so I don’t know if this is true or not) but compare to the people’s income, it’s high and the speed is not as fast as the company say (I heard on some forums that when they complain, the company just say “that’s the max speed, u share it with everyone so bla bla bla” but it’s very low compare to their max speed, may be slower than the dial-up)
    Oh and another thing, the undersea internet cable has been having the problem for quite a time, in about 3 or 4 years, it was cut 3 times and repaired several times, fortunately that this year has been a quite a year but I doubt that it will last long.
    BTW, this is a result from a night with bad connection, bad modem, stupid internet speed, an angered, stressed, confused man so maybe the above ideas may be affected somehow but I don’t think my mood will have any significant effect anyway.

  4. This is wrong i think

    in turkey we pay 65 turkish liras (35.13 $) for 8 mbit

  5. you forgot Romania, you know a country in Europe.

    In Romania we pay :

    6.7 euros (8.7 $) for 50 Mbps

    9 euros (11.7 $ ) for 100 Mbps

    11.6 euros (15$ ) for 150 Mbps

  6. you forgot Romania, you know a country in Europe.

    In Romania we pay 9 euros (11.7 $ ) for 100 Mbps

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