Interview with Emeric Turpin of Premium Infographics

How did you get started with Infographics? How long have you been doing it? Do you do other graphic design projects?

I’ve created a tech news website in 2013 and I quickly needed infographics for sharing statistics in our articles. Thanks to my background, I was able to create them myself. Soon, visitors contacted me about them. They asked if they could use them and also who was the designer. Some of them were my first customers.

Besides infographics, I also own a book cover design agency.

What software or other resources do you use to create infographics?

My agency uses the latest Adobe Creative Cloud software which includes Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. They are the industry standard and will ensure that all files we create will be compatible with printers, designers and anyone else who works on the customer brand.

What’s a favorite infographic project you’ve worked on?

We worked with several big companies, but my favorite project was probably for Panasonic. We created a visual infographic for Panasonic’s smart world campaign. Showing the features of their new PCB/Chip and how it efficiently makes the world smarter.

Emeric can be found on LinkedIn as well as through his agency, Premium Infographic.

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