Keeping up with Today’s Labor Market Through Direct Sourcing

The modern workforce is currently facing a talent shortage and risks billions of unrealized revenue in the coming years. Industry professionals across disciplines are working to keep up with the demands of the modern labor market. Direct sourcing is a strategy that many are using to optimize the new hire process and ensure that they are contacting the most qualified and ready-to-work candidates. In fact, 60% of larger companies in the United States are already using or are planning to use a direct sourcing program.

Direct sourcing optimizes the acquisition of talent through identified talent pools, creating a community of qualified and engaged corporate resources. This talent can be found through intern programs, referrals, general applicants, alumni, even retirees. Engagement with these pools often occurs at corporate events, through newsletters, in job alerts, or among the chatter on social networking platforms. The secret to effective direct sourcing is to cultivate talent that has the necessary skills, is engaged and is ready to be deployed at any moment. These pools should also be curated and updated on a regular basis to remain relevant and always fit the needs of the company.

The power of proper direct sourcing is abundant. It goes far beyond convenience, and is rather a true solution to many of the current issues that plague the workforce. Aside from the overall talent shortage and the potential for unrealized revenue, new hire pay is on the rise. This demonstrates a clear need for more cost-effective recruitment. On the brightside, 98% of businesses already using direct sourcing have seen savings, proving that these programs are here to stay.

Today’s labor market is always changing, increasing the need for faster hiring to remain relevant and efficient. For companies looking to save money, expand their new-hire program, and add higher-quality talent to their team, direct sourcing may be the secret to success.

Why Direct Sourcing Matters for the Future of Work
Source: Atrium Global

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