Kismia Guide: 3 Simple Steps to Succeed on Social Networks and Dating Sites

It’s Valentine’s Day around the corner, and many of us don’t feel comfortable about spending it on our own. The good news is, we don’t have to! Check out our Kismia Guide with 3 simple steps to success on social networks and dating sites.

Kismia is a social discovery platform aimed at connecting people with shared interests (whether it’s friendship, dating, networking, or casual chatting) and turning strangers into long-term companions.

Tapping into its years-long experience, the Kismia site team has prepared a short go-to guide to find new like-minded people online and make meaningful connections in record time.

Follow these three simple steps towards successful online communication

1) Choose the right platform

Define your communication goal as clearly as you can and opt for one of the following:

– Social Discovery sites are universal. Here, you can find new people close by who have something in common with you. It can be anything from having a cup of coffee now and then to traveling together.
Social Media sites are generally an additional communication channel for friends and family to stay in touch online. Here, people who know each other IRL follow their acquaintances’ updates to be in the know.
– Online dating sites are the most specific among these. They are designed for people who want to be romantically involved, ranging from one-time things to marriage and building a family.

Pro-tip: Whatever kind of site you choose, make sure to fill out your profile 100% and upload at least two realistic pictures of yourself to get more attention from other users.

2) Search for the right people

By giving full information about your preferences, hobbies, and social life goals, you help online services return more relevant search result

You should look for new people according to the beforementioned parameters and give as many likes as you wish. Don’t hesitate: the more likes you give, the more users will reach out.

3) Communicate in the right way

Aside from being an active user in general, there are a few other tricks that will do the job of making connections:

– Smiley stickers: we’re not always successful at understanding other people’s emotions while texting. Showing them through emojis and cute stickers can help loosen the tongues and warm up any conversation.
– Initiative: Deep down, we’re all anxious and socially awkward sometimes. That’s precisely why most people you meet online will be impressed if you choose to make the first move.

Pro-tip: 7 till 9 pm is the best timeframe to be online and look for your new companions — that’s when people are most active and likely to respond right away.

These actionable tips & tricks should have you covered regarding online communication, whether you choose a social discovery platform like Kismia, dating site, or social media platform.

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Kismia Guide: 3 Simple Steps to Succeed on Social Networks and Dating Sites

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