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How To Clear A Blocked Drain (DIY Tips!)

Wondering how you can clear a blocked drain yourself?

Blocked drains are a messy, often smelly plumbing problem, no matter whether it’s a blocked sink, shower or toilet. They can create a very unhygienic environment and lead to water damage and costly repairs left untreated.

For stubborn drain blockages or underground pipes it’s best to get a specialist with the right drain clearing equipment. Before you call a plumber though, there are things you can try yourself to unblock a drain.

With some basic tools and this infographic ‘How To Clear A Blocked Drain‘ the home handyman or woman can clear blocked drains in most cases.

Get out your plumbing tools and follow these 6 easy tips on how to unblock a drain you can get your drains flowing right again.

via fixedtoday.com.au

How To Clear A Blocked Drain (DIY Tips!)

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