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LINE for Business

LINE is a popular regional messaging app in Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia, with increasing growth in Laos and Cambodia. With more than 90% of their monthly active users (MAUs) or about 165 million MAUs in these countries, it is an excellent platform for businesses to connect with their local market.

Using LINE for business requires a LINE business account. There were two types of LINE Business Accounts, [email protected] for small business and LINE Official Accounts for enterprises. Recently, [email protected] was dropped and accounts migrated to LINE Official Accounts.

Although LINE Official Accounts are free to create, they have several pricing plans depending on usage and the option to buy a premium ID as a paid add-on. LINE Official Accounts also have badges that indicate various levels of verification.

The LINE Official Account Manager makes it relatively easy to start using LINE for Business. Any customer that messages you via LINE will be visible in the chat console. The console even has features like tags and marking done to manage conversations.

Although the chat console is relatively feature-rich, it lacks multi-user support so you won’t be able to assign a new Contact to a user. For team-focused features, you’ll need to connect the LINE Official Account to a Messaging CRM like

LINE offers robust messaging and advertising tools for businesses of all sizes. In this infographic by, we’ve highlighted the different account tiers and pricing, as well as ways to start a chat and respond to your customers.

LINE for Business

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