Living and Buying Real Estate in Louisville Kentucky

Whether you are just visiting or have lived there all your life, Louisville certainly has no shortage of things to do. From the iconic Kentucky Derby to the beauty of Waterfront Park, this city is alive with activity. To start with the Kentucky Derby, this event is the second largest cultural event in America boasting an average of 155,000 people attending.
For those who are unaware, a derby is a horse racing event where people place bets on which horse will win and have the possibility to win big in money. Located at the Churchill Downs building, The Kentucky Derby Festival has over 70 special events including the Thunder Over Louisville which kicks off the festival. Another event worth mentioning is the Kentucky Oaks which showcases the fillies. Finally, you have the Pegasus Parade which is truly something that must not be missed.
Aside from the derby, another Louisville attraction worth seeing is the Downtown Bourbon Row for those who enjoy a good brew tour. For historians, the Muhammad Ali Center is perfect for them as they get to learn about the most famous boxer in the world. The Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory to see the history and process of how the most iconic baseball bats are made. For thrillseekers, they will not be disappointed with the excitement found in Hurricane Bay.
On top of events and attractions, there are scenic parks that you can visit when you want to just sit back and take in the environment around you. Outdoor areas nearby Louisville are Waterfront Park, Falls of Ohio State Park, Iroquois Park, Bernheim Forest, Southwest Greenways, and McNeely Lake Park. It seems the one struggle you will have is having enough time to do all of these exciting things, but that is not a bad problem to have.
Learn more about how to buy real estate in Louisville in the infographic below:

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