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How Long Should Leather Shoes Last?

The lifespan of a leather shoe (how long you can wear it until it needs to be replaced) depends on three factors: the type, how you wear them, and the quality of the materials. The good news is that if you properly care for your shoes, you can increase their lifespan indefinitely.

For example, athletic shoes can handle 45-60 hours of heavy athletic activity. Running shoes are designed to handle 500 miles or so. However, men’s leather dress shoes don’t usually experience the same wear and tear that athletic or running shoes do.

Low-quality, bonded, or pleather leather shoes, can last for at six months with regular use. But what about high-quality leather dress shoes? High-quality leather can handle up to tens of thousands of flexes unless they are regularly exposed to moisture, salt, acids, alcohol, and other harsh chemicals.


How Long Should Leather Shoes Last

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