McDonald’s Oatmeal Facts

Is McDonald’s new ‘Fruit and Maple Oatmeal’ as cheap and healthy as old-school oats? MNN created a Infographic with the shocking numbers.

Source: MNN


  1. It may not be the healthiest item to eat but it’s definitely healthier than others. Also, it’s delicious. I think this is one that McDonald’s got right on health factor and taste.

  2. I think the oatmeal has a lot of sugar
    but at home I use brown sugar & maple
    Syrup so I look at the fiber content .
    The other plus is it’s not fried!

  3. i just tried the oatmeal today and i love it. this is how i eat my oatmeal not plain. such an unfair comparison. thx danielle for nutritional detail.

  4. This is hardly a fair comparison – as olegreymareak noted, this is a comparison of plain oatmeal to oatmeal with sugar and fruit added. Also, the serving size for McDonald’s is twice that of the others.
    Let’s look at 1 bowl of McD’s oatmeal (which is prepared with milk) vs. one serving each Quaker Maple & Brown Sugar and Apples & Cinnamon instant oatmeals, prepared with water, to make a full cup:

    290 cal, 4.5g fat, 57g carbs, 32g sugar, 5g fiber, 5g protein, 22 ingredients, 4 of which are fruit.
    290 cal, 3.5g fat, 59g carbs, 24g sugar, 6g fiber, 7g protein, 17 ingredients, 1 of which is fruit.

    It seems to me they’re pretty close cup for cup.

  5. love this oakmeal i have it every morning on my way to work can i buy the case


    I wish this were more honest. Yes there are more sugar and carbs, but note that they evaluated the McDonald’s version with the fresh and dried fruit in it, but nothing in the others. How much more sugar is there than would be attributed to the dried fruit which we all know has lots of sugar but also nutrititional value? And how would the others hold up with a pat of butter and the type of sweetener many people put in it? This is very disappointing. A reader (who also loves the oatmeal and orders it sugar free)

  7. Elizabeth Baker

    I am addicted to this fruit & maple oatmeal. I love every item in it. If people think it is to much then they can ask for no additional items. I love everything in it. : )

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