Modern Kitchen Hacks (Infographic)

Many say that the kitchen is the heart of the home. With more of us staying and working at home than ever before, a kitchen space that is efficient without compromising on style is the ultimate goal. This infographic will explore kitchen storage hacks for the modern home.

Your Kitchen Tools: Where & When You Need Them

Customizable hanging racks for your pots and pans elevates your kitchen’s aesthetic while increasing functionality. Spice racks are a staple in every kitchen. Having one built into your wall or cupboard is always a show stopper. Pull-out shelves and Lazy Susans are ideal space savers and contribute to clean design.

Kitchen Storage: For All of Life’s Essentials

An elegant way to increase storage space is to include a French door refrigerator in your kitchen. Pedestal laundry drawers are a convenient way to store your most-used products. Countertop inserts are an innovative design feature that can declutter your space. Store fresh bread, aromatics, and small kitchen tools.

Maximize your Kitchen Space

Another great kitchen hack, create an all-in-one cooking centre with a wall oven. Not only does it save space, it’s a sleek addition to any kitchen. Cooktops with modern designs and features are a stylish way to maximize your space. Building out a kitchen island is a great way to customize your space without compromising on design.

Modular vs Zoning: Determine your Path

Designing “zoned” spaces is a great way to tailor your kitchen experience. Coffee stations and built-in cutting boards are great examples. In contrast, “modular” spaces are convenient for multi-use sections of your kitchen. A kitchen island can double as a desk or cocktail bar.

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Modern Kitchen Hacks (Infographic)

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