What Are the Most Downloaded Virtual Reality Games on Steam?

Virtual reality gaming offers an unbelievable experience that video games on consoles simply can’t. You can immerse yourself into a virtual reality game and experience it like you’re actually there. In recent years, virtual reality games have become more popular than ever, with a wide library of VR games that span many different genres, but what are the most popular VR games? This infographic from the team at VR Space ranks the 50 most-downloaded VR games of all time.

Using the “all reviews” figure for VR-only games and experiences on Steam to determine the rankings. Research shows that Half-Life: Alyx is the most-downloaded VR game ever. With 54,354 downloads on Steam, it’s one of only two VR games ever to exceed 50,000 downloads. The second-ranked title being the ever popular Beat Saber (with 52,371 downloads on Steam).

According to this research the other VR games that ranked in the top ten include Pavlov VR (with 25,476 reviews), Blade & Sorcery (with 23,520 reviews), Boneworks (with 23,014 reviews) Gorilla Tag (with 10,544 reviews) and Arizona Sunshine (with 6,055 reviews). When you consider the fact that approximately 29% of gamers within the United States have a virtual reality system, the statistics from this ranking and this infographic become even more impressive.

These 50 covers on this infographic cover 11 different genres in gaming, a list that includes puzzles, applications, racing, sports, RPG, survival, strategy, simulation, rhythm, adventure and action games. Action games are clearly the most popular genre when it comes to VR gaming, as nine of the top ten ranked games are classified as action titles, with second-ranked Beat Saber being a rhythm game. Adventure games are also clearly very popular in VR gaming, as nearly 50% of the titles in the top 10 are classified as such.

How many of these top 50 ranked virtual reality games have you played?

What Are the Most Downloaded Virtual Reality Games on Steam? Infographic

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