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10 Tips to Sell Music Online

This infographic is a representation of proven music promotion techniques that help musicians and bands to sell music online. Through promotion tactics such as online, social media, merchandise and others, artists are able to connect better with their current and potential fans. It also gives important statistics on the music industry, regarding music sales online, music retailers and the revenue of the industry. All artists and bands, from the up and coming to the already famous, are always working to find new ways to market their music and sell their songs, this infographic explains 10 ways they are able to do this. About SongCast: SongCast is an affordable and quick solution for artists, bands and labels to release music into major digital stores including iTunes, AmazonMP3, Google Music, Spotify, Rhapsody, eMusic, MediaNet and their corresponding international stores such as iTunes Europe, Amazon UK and others. Along with music distribution services, SongCast provides monthly accounting and royalty payments, along with artist and label support. SongCast helps artists save time, save money and sell music.

Brought to you by songcastmusic.com.

Brought to you by songcastmusic.com

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