Mythical Creatures From Folklore That Live in The Home

Familiarise yourself with mythical house spirits and creatures from around the world with these excellent illustrations from Climadoor. From the youthful innocence of the fun-loving Zashiki Warashi in Japan, to the hideous terror of the Bogeyman.

Some of these household creatures are known to bring wealth, prosperity and good fortunes with them, so brush up on our knowledge and learn how to woo them to keep them on your side. Learn what not to do as well, like summoning a particularly hungry Baku or giving some clothes to your Brownie!

From Anglo-Scottish folklore, the Brownie is said to be the inspiration for Dobby the House Elf from the famous Harry Potter books and films. A helpful hand to have around the house, they come out at night and do the chores whilst you sleep. Speak carefully though, they are easily offended.

From the ancient Slavic tradition, Domovoy are another mythical creature that likes to offer a helping hand around the house. Coming to serve in the houses of the hard-working and dedicated, they will tend to the animals and take on some of the chores. Keep them sweet with nice food and virtuous behaviour.

A nightmare-eating chimera, the Baku is one of the more interesting creatures to come from Chinese folklore. They can be summoned in the night to eat your nightmares, but call them with caution. If they’re still hungry, they won’t just eat your bad dreams, but all your good ones too…

Known to take many forms, but most commonly seen as a black cat, the matagot is a creature from French folklore. They are said to bring wealth to your home but you have to lure them in and catch them. Offer it the first bite and drink of any meal you have, and your matagot will be pleased, bringing more wealth into your home everyday.

Known more commonly as Christmas elves, Nisse are helpful creatures from Norwegian folklore. Cheeky and mischievous, they would also help tend to the animals and get stuck into the household chores. In return they ask for trust, respect and a bowl of porridge with butter on Christmas Eve.

Also known as the Bogeyman, parents needed a way to scare their children into behaving centuries ago as well, you know! Boggarts would cause mischief around the home like stealing food and they’ve also been known to abduct children…

A famous ghoul of Ireland, banshees are known for their blood curdling shrieks, cries and wails. It is said that you will hear the banshee’s screams when someone has died or is about to. For many, it was the first warning they got of an impending death, or one that had already happened…

Zashiki Warashi
A fun-loving and mischievous house spirit, Zashiki Warashi are held in high regard in Japanese folklore. Dressed in traditional Japanese robes, these ghost children will play games and sing songs around the home, even pulling the odd prank now and then. Said to bring prosperity and good fortune to your home, offering gifts and sweet treats will help your case.

Mythical Creatures From Folklore That Live in The Home

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