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Infographic: Are you really flirting with a murderer, theif, or sex offender online?

The internet has opened up access to many worlds, and allows for us to do things with a few clicks of a mouse: Meeting new people, getting immediate answers to questions, the latest news, and keeping in touch with friends and family all over the world. Everybody knows that what you read online has to be taken with a grain of salt, if it does not come from a trusted source.

Knowing this, it is interesting to look at the statistics of those who find dates online, and many of the unfortunate things that happen to them. It appears that when it comes to finding love online, many push aside the cautions used in evaluating the truth of blog postings and articles, and end up in some horrifying situations.

Are you one of those? If so, this chart will show you that what happened to you is not rare. It happens all of the time and you may even find that luck was on your side, after seeing the statistics on the Catfishing crimes trend.

If you are meeting and interacting with strangers online, in attempts to find love, this chart will show you the realistic possibilities of unfortunate outcomes that you could find yourself in, if you don’t take precautions and ask better questions.

The world is filled with amazing things and people. The world is also a filled with things and people that are not what they appear to be. When we venture into the online world where people can craft a seemingly perfect image of themselves, caution and skepticism must be used even more than when evaluating the risks of entering your credit card information into a website.

Read this chart before you start your next online social session. It might save you from heartbreak and worse.

Infographic Via: Instant Checkmate


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  1. Online dating can be a goldmine for scam artists. I am aware there are people like that online but I didn’t know it is so prevalent.

    A thought-provoking infographic with a simple yet effective layout.

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