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Infographic: Know The Right Shoes For Different Occasions

One pair of shoes will not fit for every occasion. This infographic helps you choose the right files for different occasions.

The first shoes were made 4000 years ago using rawhide In Anglo-Saxon ceremonies, the bride hands over her shoes to the groom while he would tap on her head with it. This was done instead of exchanging rings In Europe, during the 17th century, the shoe heels were colored always During the same 17th century, high classes wore six-inch high heels in Europe. Extra support was needed to hold people wearing these. The world’s first lady’s boot was made in 1840 for Queen victoria Today’s sneakers were called as “keds” initially and we made first in The States in 1916 Heels were actually invented by the Middle East to prevent the legs from touching burning hot sand.

Brought to you by aquapillar.com.

Infographic: Know The Right Shoes For Different Occasions

Brought to you by aquapillar.com


  1. Love this infographic. A girl can’t have too many shoes! Pinned – https://www.pinterest.com/pin/182114378663596450/

  2. 19 pairs at any given time…yes, and that number may be slightly low. Great graph.

  3. Jeannette Laframboise

    I am really not too much of a shoe person but I found this infographic quite interesting. Great job with it!

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