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Infographic: The Cutest Dog Breeds

We rounded up the cutest Dog breeds in America based on our Facebook Poll, appearance and characteristics as well as celebrity factor. Find out if your dog made the cutest dog breed!

Brought to you by entirelypets.com.

Infographic: The Cutest Dog Breeds


  1. Interesting choices… I definitely agree with the basset hound one, but the pomeranians? Not so much!

  2. I completely agree with pugs, but what about Boston terriers, English bulldogs, and boxers?

  3. All dogs are cute specially my own dogs.

  4. Is the first one Pitbulls? Really? I have seen way more Pomeranians in teddy bear cuts as posts than anything else.

  5. Where are the dachshunds? Hmmmm?

  6. Beagles are on there 2nd from the top

  7. Some of those dogs are not the cutest, in my opinion.

  8. Beagles should have been on here.

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