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Public Opinion Approves Sexy Prom Dresses

School dress codes have been in place for ages, but following recent trends, schools have been cracking down on prom dresses, as well — much to the chagrin of high schoolers and the joy of parents. The logic behind the bans is pretty obvious, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s justified. Should teen girls be able to wear what they want on their big night, or are some dresses just too dangerous to dangle in front of teen boys?

We asked the public if sexy dresses should be banned, then broke it down so you can see how parents, teens, girls, and guys voted. We also included some insight into the brain of an average teen boy. Let’s dive!

Brought to you by sodahead.com.

Brought to you by sodahead.com

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  1. Maneesha Haroon

    Wow, those are some amazing facts I wasn’t aware of!
    Very informative!

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