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The Five Mortal Sins Of Infographics

The use of infographics has become more popular over the last few years. Infographics allow companies or individuals to showcase research and important information in an easy to read (and visually appealing) way. Infographics have been created for a variety of information, and they’re pretty easy to create, which is why so many companies and individuals use them.

Like any other tactic, there are right ways and wrong ways to create infographics. The following are the five major mortal sins of infographics you want to avoid.

Five Mortal Sins Of Infographics

Sin #1: You have spelling and grammar mistakes.

One of the biggest sins you want to avoid when creating an infographic is having spelling or grammatical mistakes. Your infographic is a compilation of your research and an extension of your brand. Your company (or your name) is usually associated with the infographic, and if you have spelling or grammatical mistakes, it takes away from the value and quality of the infographic. All the time you spent researching your topic and creating your infographic will become invalid with one minor mistake. Make sure you take the time to thoroughly proofread your work before final submission to avoid any flaws.

Sin #2: Your audience cannot share it.

Infographics are not just meant to be seen and portray information, they’re also meant to be shared easily on social networks and websites. If your infographic was created without the ability to be easily shared, you’re defeating one main purpose of creating the infographic. Always make sure that your infographic comes equipped with a share button so that your audience can spread your information across their own social channels, increasing your exposure.

Sin #3: Your infographic is too busy.

Yes, infographics are meant to showcase information, but if the design of the infographic is too busy, it will deter your audience from reading it. Your audience wants to be able to easily flow through the content of your infographic without becoming lost or confused, and if your infographic is too busy, whether with too many design details or too much content, it will not resonate well with your audience. Always make sure that your background colors complement the other design elements on your infographic and that your audience can easily move through the information.

Sin #4: Your information has nothing to do with your audience.

If you’re going to create an infographic, it’s important that the information presented in the infographic is relevant to your audience. Creating valuable and interesting content for your audience is the only way your infographic will gain exposure. So if you’re a marketing company, you want your infographic to focus on marketing-related topics. Having a marketing company create an infographic on the effects of global warming will not generate as much exposure as a weather company creating a global warming infographic.

Sin #5: Your information is dated.

The purpose of infographics is to share information that is current. Your audience will not be interested in reading information that is dated, and they certainly will not be willing to share information that is dated. Always make sure that your content is current in order to interest your audience.

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